Map & Instrument Holder


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Detailed Description

It uses the “cockpit” system used for the EXCITE 3 Comp and a lot of competition team pilots took part in the development.

Key features

  • small and still big enough cockpit – easy to accommodate even bigger digital screens
  • the upper panel, used for the instruments, is easy to detach – useful when you need to leave your equipment at  take off and take instruments only for a briefing
  • the cover opens forwards and enables easy access even in flight
  • integrated and detachable map cover for all those who use the map to navigate (easy to roll the map forward)
  • loops to fix the instruments
  • separate pocket in the inside compartment
  • inside the compartment there are loops to fix your AA batteries, pens or pencils
  • side pockets to accommodate other small items to keep within easy reach in-flight
  • straps to be used for fixing the cockpit into main carabiners, small carabiners, or alternatively, to the main strap
  • a strap to fix the cockpit to the chest strap
  •  adjustment straps to set up the right volume