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Reparations kit

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Detailed Description

The REPAIR KIT can be very useful in case you need to do any emergency maintenance in the field that could otherwise prevent you from your days flying. 

The set contains:

  • Multifunctional tool
  • SKYTEX sticky back repair patches for the repair of smaller tears on the panels – two colours and two sizes are available in the set
  • SKYTEX sticky back repair material of A4 size
  • line for brake line replacement
  • line for upper gallery line replacement
  • line for the replacement of the main A, B, C or D lines
  • replacement main riser maillon
  • universal use maillon
  • Brummel hook
  • plastic insert for the main riser maillon

Safety Notice:

The length of the lines are not sized for immediate use. They are provided with a loop on one side that should help to fix the lines together with the other gallery lines.

Be very careful and always double check the total line length – you should easily compare and adapt an emergency replacement line according to the length of the corresponding undamaged  line on the other side of the glider. It is highly recommended that you inflate the glider before your flight and carefully check the canopy for any deformations.

It is also highly recommended to have the glider checked by an authorised person or manufacturer after DIY repairs as soon as is practical.

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