SKY BlowBag

Uppblåsbart ryggskydd, minskar packvolymen och vikt.

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Sky BlowBag is a certified L-shaped inflatable airbag designed to protect the entire spine. Other than most foam-protectors, that mainly cover the pelvis and the lower back, our BlowBag also provides protection to the upper spinal regions. The five-chamber polyurethane core is coated with a densely woven fabric that effectively withstands strong impacts.  

Installation and use are easy and intuitive: Install the Sky BlowBag into the prepared protector pocket of your harness and secure it with the attached Velcro. The inflation-hose is routed through the shoulder straps. A few breaths of air and you're ready for take off. After landing, simply pull the plug and deflate the BlowBag.


Sky BlowBag is primarily designed for our light supine harness, Skylighter 4. But why not use it in harnesses for beginners, as well? Ground handling can be much easier and a less bulky backpack is always welcome. In addition the safety of the pilots is great. That's why the Gii 4 Alpha originally fitted with a foam protection can also host the Sky BlowBag.

What Sky BlowBag offers:

  • Excellent protection of the entire back, from the butt, all the way up to the cervical spine.
  •  Easy and intuitive installation.
  •  Can be used for two harness models: Skylighter 4 and Gii 4 Alpha
  •  Lightweight and compact solution in your backpack.


Weight: 430 grams

Materials: thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), Nylon fabric 210D

Certificate: EN 1651: 2019 and LTF 91/09

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