Sky GII 5 Airbag

Gii 5 är den senaste generationen av den mycket populära Gii serien selar.

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Gii 5 is a comfortable universal harness with integrated airbag back protection. It was created for all pilots who prefer to make their gear safe, simple, and light.

Gii 5 is ideal for "hike and fly", travelling, pleasant everyday flying, and ground handling simply because of its lightweight and compactness.

• The complete redesign of the seat board resulted in improved leg support, balance, and roll stability.

• Redesigned strap system improved comfort and made getting in and out of the flying position easier. Sit in by bringing your knees up and get ready for a touchdown by stretching your legs out.

• Super easy setting of shoulder, side, and chest straps, even in flight.

Gii 5 combines ease of setup and use, the highest possible passive safety, excellent roll stability, and comfort.

Gii 5 has all you need but also just what you need, which allows the use of durable materials while keeping the weight on the lower side.

Valuable additions such as the side pockets (big on the left side and the smaller on the right side), a removable radio pocket on the left shoulder strap and a Camelbak compartment in the back further improve Gii 5's capacity to serve as a light everyday hike & fly and/or XC-harness.

New safe-T chest buckle, reliable and easy to check. The chest buckle is connected to the left leg strap and prevents the pilot from falling out of the harness in case s/he incidentally forgets to close the leg straps.

The back pocket also gets inflated, providing an extended airbag and a perfect flight harness shape.

Gii 5                                      S                  M                 L    

Pilot's height (cm)                150-170          160-185          175-200 
Board width (cm)                     30.5                   33                  35

Board depth (cm)                     34                      37                  39 

Suspension points                   42                      45                  48
heights (cm)  
Chest strap range (cm)          38-43                40-46             43-49

Weight (kg)                               2.60                  2.70                2.90

Certification                                                  EN/NfL

Main features:

• Sky Safety Strap-System (4S) is designed as a one-loop-layout for maximum safety;

• Efficient EN-certified airbag, keeping the same efficiency whether tested with or without rescue in the rescue pocket. The airbag of the Gii 5 has also been tested without pre-inflation, and the test showed that it is already very efficient immediately after take-off;

• Low weight (2,6 kg in size S) and compactness;

• New geometry of the straps for a more straightforward setting;

• Revised geometry to facilitate getting into the harness after launch, improve comfort and pilot feedback;

• Rescue pocket under the seat helps to lower the centre of gravity and improves stability. It also brings the rescue parachute handle at hand for easy deployment if needed;

• Reserve handle reinforced with a Nitinol wire to avoid deformation;

• Removable pocket for radio;

• Durable materials.


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