Sky GII Front

Bra passagerare sele för tandem eller för backglidning, ingen nödskärmsficka.

  • Artnr: 30150

Beskrivning av artikel

Gii 3 front - Airbag protection, with no integrated reserve container.An ideal training and tandem passenger option.Front reserve container is optional.


Gii 3 Comfort Line Series defines comfort, security, simplicity, functionality, ease of use, style and durability. That’s what these harnesses are all about and all the Gii 3 models have these features in abundance.

The series covers a wide range pilot’s needs.There is a version to fit a variety of tastes and requirements and all versions equip the pilot with high levels of security and confidence, whatever the situation.

Gii 3 has all that it needs to take you all the way from the training slopes to the extreme adventures in the far flung corners of the world where a light weight, yet comfortable and safe harness is required.


Gii 3 front has reworked shoulder straps, improved accelerator geometry and features a more functional rear pocket.

The new Comfort line graphics run throughout the range to define & finish Gii 3 off in style.

Delivered with:

  • V risers for a reserve (Gii 3 and Gii 3 alpha)
  • Handy reserve fitting & maintenance kit
  • Sky USB flash drive manual


Please check the Accessories section for more information about the harness - reserve connection & scope of delivery.

Please note: Speed bar is not included in the scope of delivery. Photos show it for reference purposes only.

Key features

  • High stability in turbulence
  • Airbag or foam back protection
  • Simple set up
  • Easy transition from take-off to in-flight position
  • Articulated geometry adapts automatically when either fully accelerated or standing
  • Low weight (alpha 3.15 kg in M size)
  • Neoprene sides
  • Variety of utility pockets including specific radio pouch
  • Alpha now available in additional XL size
  • Laser cutting technology ensuring quality
  • Certification EN/LTF