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Main features:

  • Large back pocket which can be enlarged into a CARGO MODE to provide even more space so much required for Vol Bivouac flying.
  • Nylon rods, which pre-inflate the LTF certified airbag, provide protection should anything go wrong during a taking-off.
  • REVERSE 5 weighs only 2.95 kg in M size (carbon seat board, carabiners and speed bar included). Ad KEA 2 (2.95 kg in M size) and SKY LITE L reserve (1.2 kg), and you get the full set with only 7.1 kilograms!
  • The built in, under seat reserve parachute pocket is easy to reach and it is large enough to house even larger reserves.
  • A carbon seat board for smooth and comfortable weight shifting.
  • Two side air-intakes guarantee constant airflow in the airbag.
  • Large side pockets which are easy to reach during the fligh
Reverse 5     S M L XL
Pilot´s height (cm)  152-168   163-183 175-195 185-210
Board width (cm)  29.8 32 34.2 34.2
Board depth (cm) 37.5 40 43 43
Suspension points height (cm) 42 45 48 51
Chest strap range (cm)   37-43  40-46 43-49  46-52
Harness weight* (kg)    2.7 2.95 3.15 3.4
Certification   EN / LTF

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