Sky TWIN 2

Sky TWIN 2 är en, lätt (2,8kg), komfortabel, tandem sele

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TWIN 2 is a harness for tandem pilots, who need or want to keep their gear light without sacrificing durability. Based on our proven and safe 4S (Sky Safety Strap System) concept, the new TWIN 2 now also features a shallow seat-board in addition to its leg straps, to improve glider control. In-flight comfort has also been well enhanced by the new shaping of the padded backrest.

TWIN 2 is equipped with a back-mounted rescue system that is easy to deploy, yet safe and out of harms way when sitting in the harness or working with passengers during pre-flight and launch. The V-line routing now runs down the shoulder straps connecting the reserve and spreaders. A 15 cm foam back protector caters for safety without adding unnecessary bulk and weight.

The new buckle system features two Double Lock Edelrid clasps, so take-off preparation is quick, easy and most importantly safe.

At 2,9 kg in L size the versatile TWIN 2 is quite light.

What do pilots like about TWIN 2?

  • easy to operate - even when doing multiple passenger flights per day

  • great comfort in flight

  • improved glider control due to its new seat-board

  • reassuring security

  • high durability even in frequent heavy use

    TWIN 2


    Pilot´s height (cm) 168-180 175-195
    Board width (cm) - -
    Board depth (cm) - -
    Suspension points height (cm) 44-45 46-47
    Chest strap range (cm) 44-45 46-47
    Harness weight (kg)* 2.8 2.9
    Certification EN/LTF EN/LTF

    * Harness weight includes harness, main carbines and back protector

    The harness is delivered with:

    • harness with seat-board

    • 15 cm foam back protector

    • main carabiners

    • rescue handle

    • protection sleeves for rescue riser

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