V dyneema strap

V dyneema strap mellan sele & nödskärm 134 cm

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Detailed Description

The best material of the recent developments is used for the „V“ risers for the SKYLIGHTER, REVERSE 3, GII 2 front, SKYLIGHT 2 or SKYLIGHT tourist harnesses.

Delivered with:

The risers is supplied with a quick link carbine – maillon 5,0 oval – (for connection with reserve riser) and four pieces of fix elastic sleeves to fix the carbines against movements.

If you would like to link the riser with the SKYLIGHTER, REVERSE 3 and GII 2 front harness shoulder loops, you will have to order 2 extra quick links – maillon 5,0 DI (triangle). SKYLIGHT 2 and SKYLIGHT tourist harnesses are delivered with the quick links included.

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