Front Container

Front Container till nödskärm med kardborre till instrument.

  • Artnr: 40014

Beskrivning av artikel

Available in three sizes:

  • FRONT CONTAINER STANDARD will accommodate reserves  90 & 110 and  M & L or similar sized reserves
  • FRONT CONTAINER STANDARD PLUS will accommodate larger reserves including  135,  XL and  as well as many other larger solo reserves
  • FRONT CONTAINER Bi will accommodate reserves  or similar sized reserves

Anyone who prefers to see their reserve handle and to have the ability to deploy with either hand will appreciate this container system. The front container retro fits to many harnesses with its universal fitting system.

Two main loops fix the container to the carabiner hangpoints and a further loop, with clip, fits to the harness lower side strap.

The top panel also serves as a small flight deck and is equiped with loops and Velcro to attach your instruments, if required.