Apco Paramotor Pod Universal

Universal Paramotor Pod

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First introduced back at the Coupe Icare Show in September 2017, and after extensive development, this product is now finally available.
It is designed to be universal and can fit the majority of harnesses and frames currently on the market. A desirable upgrade for Winter flying or any cross country pilot looking for an edge in comfort, speed and aerodynamics.

The Pod can also be attached to free flying / Paragliding harnesses following the same instruction and precautions detailed in the user manual.More Features:

  • Pod harnesses have been around on the free flying scene for many years. They have many proven advantages which are now also available to paramotor pilots, using APCO’s Universal Paramotor Pod:
  • UNIVERSAL – fits most harness / frame combinations on the market.
  • Improved comfort -pulling the seat forward underneath the pilot and allowing a more even spread of the body load is actually surprisingly comfortable. Set up correctly, the Paramotor Pod will supply additional comfort on long flights.
  • Weatherproof – constructed from zero porosity elastic material which is both lightweight and sealed against wind and water, the Paramotor Pod will insulate from the elements. (Wear shorts for winter flights!)
  • Improved aerodynamics with passive inflatable front fairing.
  • Speed Bar compatible
  • Light weight – under 800 gr.
  • Damn cool!

The biggest challenge during development of the Paramotor Pod was to solve interference during take-off and landing run. Unlike free flying pod harnesses the Paramotor Pod has an opening both from the top and the bottom. It is stowed against the chest with a magnetic attachment during take-off and landing. Once in the air the pilot can pull it out and step into the pod from the bottom opening which is easy and intuitive.2

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