Cam Caddy

Fodral till din GoPro kamera

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The Cam Caddy is a neat retro fit, custom designed pocket that will keep your stick cam in just the right place until you need to use it.

Safe, secure and easy to use.

The wide opening of the Cam Caddy will allow you to easily re-stow your stick cam when required keeping everything neat, protected and safe.

An elastic safety leash is included with a Velcro fixation.

Suitable for professional and leisure pilots, the handy Cam Caddy will retro fit onto the side of most harnesses via its universal clip system.

Delivered with:

The Cam Caddy comes complete with two adjustable fixation straps to secure it onto your harness.

Choose the most convenient position on your harness to locate the Cam Caddy, both for in-flight and standing for take-off and landing, then use the two straps to secure the Cam Caddyin place on your harness webbing system.

Included is a back up elastic to secure your stick to the Cam Caddy with the option of fixing the elastic to either the Cam Caddy or another location of your choice on your harness (carabiner, webbing etc.)

WARNING ensure that the Cam Caddy is not placed in such a way that it could interfere with your reserve system.

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