Flymaster TAS

The Tool for Accuracy

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A streamlined instrument with a built in airspeed measurement probe and a high resolution temperature sensor, boosting the performance of the Flymaster instrument range.

Air Speed Measurement

Using airspeed, the Flymaster instruments can provide useful information for flight performance and safety, more accurately calculating wind speed and direction, and benefiting from additional features, such as Stall-alert, Speed-to-Fly, Netto Vario, etc.

Learn more about Air Speed Measurement

Hanggliding version

The hang gliding version comes with a mounting accessory to attach the TAS probe securely to the glider frame.

Paragliding version

For paragliding it is delivered with self orienting replaceable wind vane tail, and protection pouch.

Hardware Characteristics

Pitot Tube Resolution 0.01 Pa
Temperature Sensor Resolution 0.01 ºC
Battery 1 AAA cell (not included)
Autonomy > 60 hours
Size 155x92x24 mm (Length x Width x Thickness)
Weight 232 gr
RF Interface With FCC or ETSI conformance for unlicensed use. Allows the wireless connection to any flymaster instrument up to 10m distance

Main Features

  • Air-speed measurement from 5 to 180 km/h (1 km/h resolution)
  • Temperature Measurement from -20 to +70 ºC
  • Maximum communication distance: 5 m

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