Lätt och vändbar Speed-Riding sele

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The ITV Speed-Riding harness developed in collaboration with the "Full Speed Riding" team is the ideal compromise for the practice of both the Speed-Riding and Speed-Flying activities. Very comfortable in sitting position, an easy forward tilt can be made to reach a standing skiing posture and vice versa. The split-leg geometry was designed to provide constant maximum mobility and ease of movement for the perfect runs down the slopes!

- During the ski phase, the tight fitting harness conforms to your body shape and accompanies you perfectly in your maneuvers or on the ski lifts.

- In Speed-Riding mode, the backpack can be compressed. It also has built-in fasteners to keep your telescopic poles out of the way while skiing/flying down the slopes. A large pocket under the right thigh will accommodate your compression bag or other accessory.

- In backpack mode, comfort is exemplary. You can attach your skis on one side of the pack during your upslope hikes.

Ergonomic, lightweight and tough, this reversible harness is a reference in Speed-Riding and Speed-Flying; its reputation is second to none.




+ size : one size, suitable for rider from 1m55 to 1m95
+ weight : 1.9 kg
+ bag volume : 45 > 50 liter


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