MiniPlane Floating life saver

MiniPlane flytsystem, en livräddare.

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2 X 160 Newton of flotation

Obs. CO2 patroner ingår ej, köpes separat. 33g. 

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2 separate floats offer greater stability, buoyancy and safety in case of ditching.
This solution was designed to be applied on the frame, it is not to be worn by the pilot.

There are numerous advantages of this solution:
* - the overall dimensions of the single float are reduced and it is easier to install on any type of frame
* - more freedom of movement for the pilot
* - when necessay, the pilot may leave the machine without obstacle
* - more side stability in the water, it guarantees a greater chance of survival even in the event of waves or wind gusts
* - each bag is very compact, it does not affect the aerodynamics of the paramotor

 to increase the buoyancy, more floats can be use :

you can use a third element to be placed frontally to obtain 160x3 = 480N of bouancy,
or even increase the number to use them on the trikes or tandem machines

it is fixed to the frame with the supplied straps and velcro

automatic opening after 3 seconds after diving, a salt fuse melts and activates the perforation mechanism of the CO2 cylinder
manual, pulling the red handle (in case you want to fully trust the automatic mechanism, this handle can be hidden inside the container, in this way you can reduce the risk of accidental opening)
emergency inflation blowing inside the tube, this has a valve that can be used to deflate the float to fold it back into its container (this possibility is foreseen only after having verified that the automatic system and the manual are faulty, the activation of the automatic system of the float already inflated causes it to tear and irreversibly damage).


Each float is airtight tested for 24 hours, built with the best materials used in airline life jackets.

You can use it many times, after replacing the CO2 canister, and the salt cartridge in case of immersion

weight : 480 grams each , CO2 gas cylinder included
co2 cylinder 33g, medium weight between 140 to 200 grams depending from the brand

dimension : round soft pack diameter 7cm x 35 cm lenght
opened : 160 liters, 50 cm height

buoyancy: greater than 160 N

safety notes :
Every 2 years needs regular check of the weight of the CO2 container (the weight and the tollerance is printed in each CO2 cylinder). if the weight is lower is necessary to change the CO2 cylilnder. there is no expiration date for the cylinders, which are visually intact and respect the weight

Every 2 years the chemical/spare fuse in the authomatics should must be replaced (as it could be damaged by getting wet).


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