SKY Apollo BI Tandem

APOLLO BI En-C En Tandemskärm med det lilla extra.

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Can you imagine a tandem glider with light and precise handling, effective glide at high speed and efficiency and ease in the turn?

For you we designed APPOLO BI – an EN C Sport-Line tandem glider for the skilled tandem pilot who appreciates responsive and sensitive handling.

Escape from daily commercial joy rides and get closer to never-ending skies, unforgettable flights and big fun.

Yes, this is the true domain of APOLLO BI and this is exactly why we made it like we did; it’s our living expression of a true XC performer. A glider which dismisses convention, unrestrained by the usual commercial tandem design parameters.

APOLLO BI  is born from our highly successful APOLLO solo glider and features our very latest innovations; including LEO, 3 line concept, V Bridge system and Triple 3D cut.

These are just a few of APOLLO BI`s features that will open up a whole new level of enjoyment whilst flying in tandem, fulfilling even the demands of our tandem world record breaking duo*.

*Maxime Bellemin and Laurie Genovese, world record speed around 25 km FAI triangle.

Flat area (m2) 38.50 41
Flat span (m) 14.49 14.95
Flat aspect ratio 5.45 5.45
Projected surface (m2) 33.88 36.08
Projected span (m) 11.91 12.29
Projected aspect ratio 4.19 4.19
Number of cells 55 55
Weight of the glider (kg) 7.15 7.6
Take-off weight (kg) 110-200 125-220
Certification EN/LTF C EN/LTF C

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